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good evening, i'm ama daetz. let's get right to some breaking news. things are just getting back to normal in downtown already moore after a serious security scare during the amgen tour bike rice. police evacuated the area after a package was noticed in a dumpster. it was suspicious because all trash containers mr.emptied this
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morning. the cyclists had already left the area when the scare happened. >> during the same race a chp motorcycle crashed. it was about 12:30 when the car made either a left into the driveway or ewe turn. the motorcycle was left in pieces. the chp officer was airlifted to hospital but not seriously hurt. >> a standoff is happening right now at the track in albany where protesters have grown an urban farm on land owned by uc berkeley. tomas is at the site. reporter: about ten albany residents came down to protest the takeover of this section of the 22-acre tract by occupy the farm. now, these occupiers actually planted a section of the track last april and were forced off by uc which opens the property, and also forced off this section
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last week. this is the latest battle between uc berkeley and "occupy the farm. ". >> you are ordered to leave the property immediately. >> that order of the police has been issued eave hour. occupy the farm members ignored the warning since they began clearing and planting this section at 11:00 a.m. leslie is a uc student and occupy the farm. >> this is university of california land and should be turned into a public farm to serve the best interests of california. >> alban in residents think differently. this aerial map shows where the albany city council approved the cop instruction of a retail grocery store, boredded by san pablo and monroe. there's also a proposed senior living site in the area across
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monroe avenue. >> i don't support civil disobedience to try to change that decision. certain through there are causes that call for civil disobedience when people's lives or rights are on the line, and i don't see that as the case with this issue. >> last saturday occupy the farm marched on to property to clear and plan the area. the police arrested four occupiers. >> i demand to be released immediately. i'm a political prisoner. let me good! >> the next dale the university bull coasted the planting the occupiers had done. the officials and mayor came to monitor the occupiers. a uk spokesperson says they can stay for now. >> make that determination when it's the safest possible time and the least disruptive. >> we don't know when uc police or if they will clear out the
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occupiers. this has been going on for the past ten years uc has been trying to develop the property. most of the approvals have been gotten to develop the property but the occupiers say they'll block the plans. >> neighbors aired their views about a plan tree move thousands of nonnative trees from the east bay hills. uc berkeley is seeking federal funds to cut down 22,000 eucalyptus and acacia trees. the project is in the final stages of an environment impact review. today's meeting in oakland was the last opportunity for the public to speak out about the plan. >> i think we have to resist this attempt to criminalize aben illegal immigrant tree. it doesn't work. am c berkeley wants to replace the trees with native trees. the federal environmental ma will p $5.6 million to uc uc
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berkeley, long with oakland and east bay parks to reduce the fire danger from a total of 80,000 nonnative trees. >> a construction crew hit a goods line behind an oakland fire station today. pg&e were asked to respond to a gas leak near fire station 25. workeres were using a bobcat at an oil construction site when it severed the gas. firefighters kept a close watch on the site while pg&e crews repaired the line. >> a tip led to an arrest in a homicide case in antioch. a 22-year-old man was found shot to death. police say a phone call from someone reporting a suspicious person in their neighborhood led to the arrest. police are not naming the suspect, who was booked on homicide charges. developing news. more than 50 people have been injured after a car drove into a parade in virginia. it happened during a small
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operations town festival. the cell phone video was taken moments after. witnesses say an elderly man plowed into parade participants, then kept going 100 feet before coming to a stop. there were people still pinned under the car. three people were airlifted to the hospital. no one was killed. police believe the man may have had a medical emergency. >> three people are in critical condition after two passenger trains collided in southwestern connecticut. federal officials are looking into what caused the rush hour crash. a train derailed, striking another train heading in the opposite direction. official says it's amazing more people weren't seriously injured. >> the sites -- sides car are torn. inside of the cars are
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shattered. >> it was pretty scary. felt like things might be bad for all of us. >> a long stretch of rails that tens of thousands of passengers take daily is now shut down. opposite the ntsb finishes the onscene investigation two tracks will knee repair before they can be re-opened. >> tense moments in the sky today when a usairways express flight from philadelphia was forced to make a belly landing. you can see sparks right there as the plane landed. the airline says the plane had a problem with the landing gear. it circled the airport several time highs the crew tried to get the gear down. these photos from an airport source show crews using foam on the plan after itland. -- it landed. the ntsb is investigating. >> coming up at 5:30 on world news, inside this emergency landing. new illinoiss as passengers describe walking away from the
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plane's white-knuckle touchdown. >> new details in the cleveland kidnapping of three women. we're hearing from police officers who responded to the house where three missing women were found alive of a decade of captivity. the officers arrived after amanda berry escaped and called 9-1-1. one officer was the first to lay eyes on michelle knight, and then gina dejesus. >> within moments she came charging at me, she jumped on to me, she is like, you saved us, you saved us, and i'm holding on to her so tight. and then within a few seconds i see a another girl come out of the bedroom. >> when he put her down, she jumped up into the arms and held on to me and screamed. please don't let me go. please don't let me go i said, don't worry. i'm not letting you go. >> ammann a and her daughter are
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with family members as with jeep na, michelle's whereabouts are not known the man charged with kidnapping and raping the women is in jail and could face the death penalty. thousands of people in san jose are smiling a little brighter today. see why next. >> the controversial ad campaign urging california parents to keep their children home from school this wednesday. and then, tide you get your ticket? we crunch the numbers to find out just how much the winner of the powerball will win after the government gets is share. >> a winning forecast for your sunday. i'll have the
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>> ama: hundreds of people, some waiting overnight, attended a free dental christian glick san hoe say. one woman was there as early as 6:30 last night. the line stretched four blocks around the convention center. 800 dentists, high generalists and assistants are providing free services. >> makes a difference in how you feel about yourself, you snow? you just feel better. you want to smile more. >> i'm on unemployment, and i couldn't afford it. so, really means a lot. >> ama: the goal is to provide care to more than 2,000 uninsured or under insured people. doors open again tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> a conservative group in southern california has purchased radio ads urging parents to keep their children
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home from school or harvey milk day on wednesday. he was a gay right pioneer and the first openly gay elected official in the state. the ads urge parents to, quote, protect your children from harvey milk indoctrination, the ad are running in los angeles and sacramento. the gay rights group says the campaign is homophobic and encouragings discrimination. >> the odds are against it. but that's not stopping people from trying to win the largest lottery payout in history. up next, just how big the super huge jackpot will griff there's no winner. >> warmer weather is heading our way. even
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it's a wonderful, whacky san francisco tradition but this year there is a more serious tone. the 102nd bay to breakerses 12k race has undergone some big security changes after the boston bombings. alcohol, floats, large packbacks, wheeled objects and pets are banned, and there will be cameras at the start of the race at main and howard and the main street hill and the finish line. the race will mean several street closures. we have a full list on the web site. just click on "see it on tv". two dollars could reap a reward big-time tonight and there's no shortage of people trying their luck. the lines were long at this store in san lorenzo, 600 million does is up for grabs. cash is $377 million. the odds are about one in
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175 million. you have much better chance of becoming president at just one in ten million. if there's no winner the wednesday jackpot could be an estimated $925 million. and that $600 million jackpot could go up even more before the drawing at 8:00. follow us on twitter to get the winning numbers the moment they're drawn. you can also sign up for push alerts to get a message on your phone or tablet with the winning numbers, and tell us about your lottery dreams at news. >> i think a lot less people would be working and spending more time outdoors if they won the lottery, especially lite -- lately. >> tomorrow's weather is like hitting the jackpot. as you look at live doppler 7hd, you can see skies are clear no clouds around, no fog around, and we're not expecting a whole
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lot of change. gusty winds right now. to 37-miles-an-hour out of the west. we still have breezy conditions on the peninsula. towards the south bay, gusting to 23 and in santa rosa, gusts to 26. small craft advisory for the san francisco bay until 9:00 p.m. this our view from the exploratorium camera. here are your temperatures. 64 in san francisco. 68, oakland. san jose, 71. upper 50s, half moon bay. you can see clearly back towards san francisco, sun shining, beautiful day, temperatures so far upper 50s coast to the low 80s inland, and it's 80 in santa rosa. 7 4 , live moore. union city, 65. san jose basking in the sun. high of 73. patchy fog in the morning. warmer the next two days and a cooling trend starts on tuesday. today's high temperatures running two to ten degrees warmer than yesterday.
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but we'll notice it more sunday. high pressure is getting closer to the coast and that's going to allow the warming continue to continue for your sunday and your monday. we'll see changes coming. you can see on our treasure trend for livermore, 86 tomorrow, 90 on monday. and then it's all downhill from there numbers will bottom out on thursday before we start to see the temperatures rising again the following weekend. tomorrow morning, patches of fog, mainly right around the santa cruz county coast. it's going to be in the up per 40s to mid-50s, so not quite as cool as this morning. if you want -- if you have early plans, grab a sweater. it's a beach day. 76 in santa cruz. sunshine on the peninsula. 7 2:00 millbrae. coastal areas, clear skies. san francisco, 70. a little breezy but not too
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windy. 66 in the sunset district. plen. 84, santa rosa. 85, napa. 60s coastside. east bay, temperature, 76, oakland. inland, and you're flirting with 90 there. 86 livermore. 80 in san ram online, tomorrow, bay-to-breakers race and the weather looks perfect. temperatures rising, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and by it's worming up, numbers into the mid-90s on monday, and then cooler weather, especially by thursday. partly cloudy, mid-50s to low 70s. cooler than average. >> ama: rick quan is in for mike shumann. >> good to be back heave with you guys. miss me the. >> ama: we did.
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>> rick: right. the preakness was run today. could kentucky derby winner orb become the first
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>> rick: orb was a big favorite to capture the 138th running of the preakness and hoping to become the first horse since affirmed in 1978 to win the triple crown. but wasn't meant to be. >> it's my lucky day on the outside. and down to the 16th.
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it's my lucky day to the outside. it's oxbow wins. >> oxbow led from the start and pulls off the upset. orb couldn't overcome starting on the rail and finished fourth. so once again there will be no triple crown winners. >> the suspension of torres has been costly. the nhl fined the team $100,000 for comments the general manager made in criticizing the league for the suspension. the sharks continue their playoff series tonight to tank. >> detroit -- smith scores to put the wings on top. detroit put the game away with two more goals in the third. franzen gets behind the defense and goes top shelf. wings win 4- 1, and even the
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series. >> the warriors' season may be over but after taking san antonio to six games, golden state has a lot to feel good about. this is a young team, built around players require steph curry and david lee. despite that troublesome ankle curry averaged a team, high 25 points during the playoff. and equally excites wag harrison barnes, draymond green, and has left the team hungry for more. >> i learned so much this year. a lot of positive things. i mean, we had two rookies starting the first 50 games or so, and we're 50 games off .500. there's a lot of things, a lot of experiences we can build on for next year. >> rick: at the byron nelson classic, bradley is trying to become the tournament's first wire to wire winner since 1983.
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check out this shot. from 162 yards out. a couple of bounces and rolls in for eagle. bradley started the day with a three-shot lead. the 68 has him on top by one. tom gillis, just two off the lead. and the giants are playing at colorado. if we have highlights we'll show them to you at 6:00. >> ama: next, an extremely up
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>> ama: on abc7 at 6:00, the special honor for the golden state warriors, apple cofounder steve wozniak steps up to the microphone at berkeley. and the controversy and protests over a new book released in san francisco. join us at 6:00. a grizzly bear caught on tape in alaska inside and out. what does that mean? see for yourself. a photographer set up his camera to shoot grizzly bears. the curious young bear walks into the frame, paws the camera, licks it, finally, tries to eat it. you can see the animal's an ticks provide this otherwise impossible look inside of a live grizzly bear's mouth.
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amazingly the camera was not damaged. thanks for joining this is "world news." tonight powerball fever. the lines growing this evening. the biggest powerball prize ever. tonight what are your chances of winning and how many number combinations are even left? risky landing, new images tonight after sparks fly, a plane forced to touch down without its landing gear as we now hear from the paemgs on board. tornado watch. 30 million americans on alert amidst the largest tornado outbreak this season. tonight the new pictures and which states get hit next? ginger zee reporting from the storm zone. fresh off david beckham's announcement, what mrs. beckham is revealing that we've never seen before, enough to make her husband smile.

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